VAT Recovery Reviews

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We can secure large cash flow benefits for you with additional VAT recoveries

How VAT recoveries work

SARS allows a VAT vendor  five years to claim back VAT incurred on goods and services acquired. In this regard, we have helped a number of clients – ranging from SMEs to large corporates – recover  substantial VAT which was inadvertently not claimed in prior VAT returns submitted. This has led us to us securing for our clients tangible cash flow benefits which are sorely needed in this difficult economic environment.

Our process

Our review is a systematic VAT recovery process, comprising line-by-line interrogation of transactions to identify errors in capturing VAT. No data set is too large. Part of our process is to establish where and why errors occurred, enabling our clients to address the problem and take remedial action.

We charge only contingent fees

We charge on a success basis, based solely on what VAT input claims we identify and recover, so the service pays for itself. There are no hidden costs.